Actor – Spectator

After the experience of making a building move , the residence for Mr Khosla made me understand the crux of space making is to make the experiencer feel being a spectator and the elements of space making being the actors are well choreographed (configured, interacted) that every postion seems being in a theatre and witnessing a performace.

This is an extention to the essay (The Lonely Traveller) where the act of creating architecture is to perform the role of a film maker and realizing every atmosphere (pattern) , event as a scene which has to be exposed in its bits and parts to the Rasika        ( the experiencer) before moving on to the next scene.

The fact that in Architecture  there is a possibility to turn around and look back into the journey you came from in a totally different exposure to the scene, hence creating multiplicities of interpretations, makes it still more challenging than film making which is only a unidimensional  approach where the experience begins from A and reaches point B.


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