My first baby ,my studio

Myself and my wife were expecting babies, and both the babies were in different wombs of different capacities. When My wife was expecting a biological child, I was on a parallel journey co relating the experience of carrying a baby and seeing it developed over the same period of time, hence I felt no less than a “mother to be”. The last month saw both of us having mood swings as well, as my baby had almost developed to eventually be left to the world to start aging . Immense association with every single form and soul of my baby that I went through specially when this child came after a long wait . I was intending to create the  soul of the baby, and shape the space so that it eventually starts to shape us as a family, Both of us are now beginning to name our babies .


My notional baby was now born its meditative soul inspires me to work,it engages me by all its different jestures of acknowledgments like hello , shaking hands , hugging and emracing me within. The baby shall continue to live healthy and joyfull


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