The Lonely Traveller

The other day when i was travelling alone after a long time , i realised something that took me back to my thesis days.

Why does one enjoy trevelling alone   ?

When one goes to witness a stage performance ,one becomes part of a thousands of spectators and looks at the performer on a stage . This format of experiencing is well known.

Now think of reversing the situation , when there is only one spectator and thousands of actors on a stage, and you are actually walking through the performance on this humungus  stage, the actors are perfoming on.

This experience can be witnessed only by travelling alone.

Imagine you are in a crowd in a bazzar and everyone there is a performer and you are the spectator. This is also called voyerism ,reference – (ar adolf loos  when you are aware of others actions without there awareness) .now nobody notices your existence there , for them you are invisible, and you take this chance to see everybody around as performers ,

Then you will notice either two people conversing, group conversation , couple together without a dialogue , but you relish their co-existence. You also notice some lonely travellers like you trying to look at things around anxiously or few of them sitting with an acceptance of isolation , some lonely guys look seeking for isolation  and some trying to look for a campanion . Some groups not  together but indulge into deliberate scattering as per the space they are in ( this is also called entropy as per bill hillier).

We often encounter such situations in a local train , moving elevator etc , but only when you designate yourself as spectator and others as actors that you start cherishing the world a lot more.

These are also the relationships that one has to develop while creating built environments. So practise of anatomy and then transforming them into mutants like doshi, mohe etc so that the “memory , remembrance “ phenomenon  can take place . The bottom line is to keep the mind swinging between the real and the unreal / unknown. Hence one slows down in movement both physical and mental , as a result meditation takes place.


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