IDEAS – a phenomenon

Architecture deliberately demands one to be a jack of all trades and master of none. For the reason . This is the process of arriving on an idea , afresh of the past ,with new references.

The whole idea is to disconnect from the routine  space , enter into a new space and come back to the original space. When an indivisual comes back to the same space , he is not the same but  in a new avatar. The process of innovation to be able to have ideas you think wid and ideas you think of is ever evolvinng, and it all depends upon the immediate point of reference and transforming that into an imagery , this immediate point of reference is also the idea or the tool you think with . And the constant evolution of an idea you think of is because of these reference points

Now the question is how does one achieve these reference points. ?

When one moves out of the routine space and goes into another one, lets say a space experienced during travelling, cooking,reading a book ,  painting, playing an instrument or picking up a conversation . Looking at peopl e down the street , indulging in an act of being something, playing with a kid , there happens a collage of symbols, both physical and spatial which try to move into each other and become a manuscript of something into making. And there after when one comes back to the routine space , he is a different individual all together, trying to take those connects of spaces  with architecture. And innovation happens

Hence the whole notion of keep doing the same thing over and over to become a master does not stand completely true when it comes to innovation in architecture  precisely .


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