Unlike the classical approach of flw , the modern architecture is about creating unfolding spaces , infinite in number with planes creating the form language and also add a metaphor to the form language, but in this process architects have  got carried away and lost the ability to create infinite places, which can be seen in the early works of doshi, late works of corb, scarpa , bawa,hansmukh patel,namita singh  where the stress is only to create place making , its juxtaposition , multiple layers etc. And one is constantly in the atmosphere of over lapped places, and because abstraction is so high it appears meditative or mutant like but highly abstracted so no direct interpretation happens, but care is taken to make form and pattern language to appear  configured and relational

Even in the architecture of mohe ( not the houses ) there are infinite spaces which make  the pattern language appear meditative but devoid of places , that is the immediate next architectural jesture .

Finding two to three reasons in every element of architecture get taken care of, infinite pattern languages that is a space offering many patterns are created. Now because of this approach the abstraction of the form language is very difficult to interpret but still a part to whole composition makes it successful. The form and pattern language is relational and configured , but never just displayed so there is always a coherence between different stories and dialogues of the building.

All traditional buildings are full of places, which through familiarity accord well with  the users. Human beings have evolved  the ability to process information both immediate(which is embedded in our environment) and stored ( as mental  images). Architects in the process of distancing their work  from actuality  have begun to rely more on stored information  than immediate information. The ability  to store an artificial  representation can go awry when  such an artificial image replaces the real world. This ultimately leads to a state of disconnection where human being connects with some senses and emotions, (like zaha) but not with others many contemporary architects in their efforts to impose abstract  architectural  and urban solutions on the environment, do just that


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